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Established in 2018

Our Vision

We are producing clothes we love to wear ourselves and we are proud to share them with the world!

We at ITORO combine meaningful design with high quality manufacturing. Eco & fair standards are our very basics and self evident.

Being very passionate with this attitude we are inspired and deeply motivated to develope more creative projects and bring more sustainability into our production.

we make a change every day.


Itoro Earthtribe - Fair wear
100% Fair trade

ITORO´s production partners are FairWear members since years. That´s what we are looking for!

Itoro Earthtribe - Responsible sources
Recycled and sustainable Fabrics​

..right now we only use organic or recycled cotton and recycled polyester.

Itoro Earthtribe - Eco friendly
Eco Friendly

We only print on garments with GOTS certification.Thie highest standart for ecological & social values.


Itoro Earthtribe - Biodegradable 1
Biodegradable Packaging

ITORO delivers plastic free.
Easy to recycle & made of recycled or compostable materials – minimal impact packaging.

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Better to buy high quality, but less often.
Our products are more durable than usual fast fashion.


Clothes are much more than fabrics on the skin – they have an impact and vibrate a message!

ITORO uses powerful symbols and well chosen designs to radiate into your day.

Working together with variuos artists we let you know who and which meaning are behind the designs.

We produce
on demand

printed & embroidered is only after your order - very fresh, just for you. Thus, nothing is manufactured unnecessarily, we work very ressource saving and are proud of our slightly longer delivery time of about 2 weeks.
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