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Fair Organic Fashion

ITORO uses highly certified fabriques and basics to offer you eco & fair quality garmets.


We make clothes we love to wear ourselves! Together with various artists we combine meaningful designs with high quality manufacturing.

Slow fashion
Slow Fashion

Minimal waste through our on demand production and pre-order projects – we are proud of our delivery time!

Earthtribe Arrivals

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You make a difference

..by bying less but better stuff. THANK you!
..by slowing the whole thing down

You buy a garment before it’s produced. This means no stock – no overproduction. In our sense the most sustainable way to create clothes!

We at ITORO have developed a playful, and above all, a joyful approach to the subject of clothing. It makes us happy to offer you powerful designs on high quality garmets – and a couragiouse production philosophy!

Meaningful designs on fair produced eco garmets -
these clothes vibrate a message!


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OSHUN Pre order shirt

35 €